Know Your Jewelry

One of the biggest concerns I hear around buying jewelry is, "I have sensitive skin, will this metal irritate my skin?"
To be honest, it's hard to really know what will irritate each individual person.
 Typically, Nickel is the major player in skin irritants when it comes to quality of metal. Nickel is used in most plated jewelry and can most often be found in "cheap" or low quality jewelry in department stores. However, some people are sensitive to any jewelry that is lower than 14k solid gold or even sterling silver which is typically very easy on our skin. 
In my opinion, the best thing anyone can do is experiment. Test out different metals on your skin. Sometimes your body needs a chance to adjust to this foreign material. If you feel itching or minimal swelling, wear the jewelry for short periods of time over a few days and see how your body adjusts. If it's intolerable,  then know that particular metal is not for you. 
Another option is to have a sensitivity test done. Along with discovering which foods to avoid, you can discover what metals may be causing you discomfort! An affordable and discomfort free solution. 
Which ever method you choose, be sure to know what you are buying. Not only is important to know what you're buying for your body health, it's important to know where your investment lies. High quality metals are high price. Low quality metals are low price. You very much get what you pay for in the jewelry world. At least you should. DO NOT PAY HIGH PRICE FOR LOW QUALITY METALS. High quality jewelry is an investment. Gold and silver values are always on the rise however nickel jewelry is not. Know what you're investing in. 
Here's what you can buy from me:
Brass (Copper and Zinc blend)
14k Gold filled (Thick layer of gold over brass or sterling silver)
Sterling Silver .995
Fine Silver .999
14k Gold 
My promise to you: I will slowly and thoughtfully create each piece of jewelry in my studio. I will place high intentions and value on quality materials. Including metal choice and my gemstone sources. The price you pay for your jewelry is a direct reflection of the price of the materials, consumables, and my unique vision and skill set. 

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