Jewelry Care Guide

Your new jewelry will be happiest when stored in a dry place.

(Move that tray you keep on your bathroom counter to your night stand. Trust me.)

Your new jewelry, no matter the material, will eventually lose it’s shine but don’t you worry, I can help bring it back.

For Brass jewelry: Brass will naturally darken and patina. You can clean and brighter your brass jewelry with a scotch-bright cleaning pad (yes- scotch bright, just like the one you use on your dishes!). Scrub scrub scrub. It won’t take much before you’re shinning again!

For Silver & 14 K gold jewelry: Clean and brighten your jewelry with an old toothbrush and dish soap (Dawn works best but use what you’ve got!). Wet your dish soap brush, scrub scrub scrub and rinse. You’ll be amazed. Do this with all your jewelry, everything will be glistening. Or simply use a polishing cloth